University of Hertfordshire: Overview

In terms of research impact, Hertfordshire University—also referred to as the University of Hertfordshire or HERTS—ranks among the top 25% of all universities. With about 35,000 diverse students spread across two separate campuses, it offers a broad range of educational options, including over 700 degree options. The university has forged international collaborations with establishments across the globe, drawing in excess of 15,000 international students from more than 140 nations. Students at Hertfordshire University become eligible to apply for post-study employment opportunities in the UK after completing their degrees. With an astounding 85% satisfaction rate in the Postgraduate Research Experience Survey (PRES), the university has received notable recognition for its postgraduate research experience. With respect to participating universities, this satisfaction rating is higher than the global average, indicating an excellent overall performance. In the Postgraduate Taught Experience Survey (PTES) 2023, Hertfordshire University also makes a strong impression, coming in second overall. Notably, according to the 2023 National Student Survey (NSS), it is ranked highest in the East of England for overall student positivity. These honors serve as a testament to the university’s dedication to giving its diverse student body a top-notch and fulfilling educational experience.

At a Glance:

Year of Establishment1992
Acceptance ExamIELTS , PTE
Also Known asUH
Total International Students3700
UG/PG Course Ratio1.46
Endowments ValuePound Sterling 2 million
No.of Campuses3
Accommodation expenses4525 Pound for 2 sharing (UG),5320 Pound foe 2 sharing (UG)
QS World rank801

University Programs:

These are the university programs which are given below:

CoursesTuition fees/ year
M.Sc ( Master of Science)18 lakh/ year
B.A ( Bachelor of arts)17 lakh/year
B.Eng ( Bachelor of Engineering)17 lakh/ year
M.B.A16 lakh/ year
MIM14 lakh/ year
B.E/ B.Tech14 lakh/ year
L.L.B13 lakh/ year

University Eligibility:

Undergraduate Entrance Requirements:

1. A minimum of 60% on the report card for the tenth grade.

2. A transcript of grades twelve, showing at least sixty percent in the humanities and between seventy and eighty percent in the science/business stream.

3. IELTS scores of 6.5, TOEFL scores of 100, or Duolingo scores of 120 indicate English proficiency.

Requirements for Postgraduate Admission:

1. A grade twelve transcript demonstrating a minimum of 60% in the humanities and a minimum of 70%–80% in business and science classes.

2. Proficient in English, as shown by an IELTS score of 6.5 or above or a TOEFL score of 100 or higher.

3. It is necessary to obtain additional standardized test results: GMAT for management courses; GRE for science, computer, math, and IT courses

Required Documents:

1. Application form

2. Competitive Exam Score (SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS)

3. Academic certificate (10th, 12th certificate )

4. Bank Statement

5. Affidavit of support

6. Statement of purpose

7. Recommendation letter

8. Experience certificate 

9. Resume 

10. Passport size picture

11. Entrance Exam

12. Additional documents 


Diverse Scholarship Programs: The University of Hertfordshire proudly offers a range of scholarships catering to various fields of study, demonstrating its commitment to supporting students across disciplines.

Financial Empowerment: These scholarships serve as a means to alleviate financial constraints, enabling students to pursue their academic goals with confidence and dedication.

Recognition of Excellence: The university’s scholarship programs are designed to acknowledge and reward outstanding achievements, whether in academics, leadership, or extracurricular activities.

Inclusive Community: By awarding scholarships, the University of Hertfordshire actively promotes diversity and inclusivity, fostering a supportive environment where students from different backgrounds can thrive.

Access to World-Class Education: Scholarship recipients not only receive financial assistance but also gain access to a top-notch education, contributing to their personal and professional development.

Vibrant Academic Community: Becoming a scholarship recipient means joining a dynamic and encouraging academic community that values innovation, collaboration, and individual growth.

Shaping Future Leaders: The university’s commitment to providing scholarship opportunities underscores its dedication to nurturing the talents of students who are poised to become the future leaders and contributors to society.


IndustryAverage salary
Finance control & Strategy75,000$
Human Resources69,000$
Sales & Business Development61,000$
Consulting Accounting & Professional services52,000$
Financial Services44,000$
IT & Software Development41,000$

Work permit:

Studying at a UK university has the advantage of allowing you to work in the country while obtaining your degree. After successfully completing your postgraduate coursework, you also have the option to apply for a one-year work permit. It’s crucial to keep in mind that certain jobs may require a valid permit, such as a study permit that specifies specific working conditions.

Employment on campus:-

1. Conduct your employment duties on the campus where you are enrolled.

2. Enroll as a full-time student.

3. Possess a valid study permit.

Opportunities Off-Campus:

1. Up to 20 hours a week during the regular school year.

2. Full-time during prearranged breaks.

3. Have a current study permit.

4. Finish a full-time degree program, with the exception of ESL, visiting, and exchange students


Ranked byRanking
Business & Economics600
Business & Management80
Aeronautical and Aerospace Engineering27
Electrical and Electronic Engineering45
Clinical and Health400
Communication and Media Studies65

Accommodation and Meals:

The University of Hertfordshire offers a comprehensive and supportive housing and meal program because it values the comfort and well-being of its students. The university makes sure that students have a safe and comfortable place to call home by providing a range of on-campus housing options, from contemporary residences to traditional halls. These facilities are intended to promote a feeling of community among the students, enabling them to interact with one another and fully experience college life.Additionally, the university’s dining facilities provide a variety of tasty and nutritious meal options to accommodate a wide range of culinary preferences.With an emphasis on offering menus that are culturally diverse and well-balanced, students can savor a range of cuisines that satisfy various dietary requirements. Additionally, the dining areas function as social gathering places where students can bond over shared meals and foster a lively, welcoming campus community.The University of Hertfordshire is aware of the substantial impact that a satisfying living and eating environment has on a student’s general wellbeing and academic achievement. As a result, the dining options and lodging are carefully chosen to offer a nurturing atmosphere that fosters academic and personal success for students.

Campus Facilities:

Upon acceptance into the University of Hertfordshire, every student is seamlessly enrolled as a member of the Guild of Students as part of the standard procedure. This membership unlocks a host of services, encompassing volunteer opportunities, guidance, and entry to a diverse array of over 400 societies and clubs. The organization caters to a wide spectrum of interests and passions, offering an abundance of choices for sports enthusiasts and those with varied hobbies.

1. Both individual fitness preferences and competitive sports are catered for at the facilities.

2. Hockey, badminton, football, table tennis, basketball, netball, and other sports have organized leagues.

3. Included in the Sport and Fitness Center are:

4. Both a shallow pool and a 25-meter swimming pool

5. Two amphitheaters

6. Four courts for squash

7. Studios for dancing and spinning

8. Wall bouldering

9. Athletic Café

10. Complete fitness center and gym

11. Facilities for weight training

12. Group exercise classes that are organized include body pump, body balance, HIIT, spin, pilates, and grit.

Living Cost:

  1. The living costs for students are estimated at GBP 9,451, encompassing various expenses such as accommodation, meals, transportation, and other day-to-day necessities.
  2. The cost of transportation in the UK can vary depending on factors such as location, mode of transportation, and personal choices. Generally, students might incur expenses for public transportation (such as buses and trains), occasional taxi rides, or the cost of maintaining a bicycle.