Constructor University

Constructor University, also known as Jacobs University, is a private research university located in Bremen, Germany. It was founded in 2001. Recognized as one of the top English-speaking universities in the nation, it is ranked #501–600 in Times Higher Education’s 2023 World University Rankings. Jacobs University is a global center for academic excellence, home to over 1800 diverse students from 123 different countries.

Constructor University, an officially recognized institution with a research focus that offers a wide range of programs in the natural sciences, social sciences, engineering, and economics, is located in Bremen. Early research opportunities and interdisciplinary approaches are central to an education at Constructor University. Constructor University, widely regarded as one of Germany’s most international and multicultural universities, attracts highly skilled and receptive students from all over the world. At the moment, more than 1,500 students from more than 100 countries call its residential campus their second home.

At a Glance:

Year of establishment2001
Accepted ExamsIELTS, TOFEL
Sizes of campuses in acres84
UG / PG course ratio0.43
No. of campuses1
Accommodation expenses8000 Euro for 1 sharing (UG)

University Program

Constructor University offers a comprehensive range of educational pathways, featuring more than undergraduate degree programs and a diverse array of Master’s Degrees and PhD opportunities. The university also offers pre-study programs, including English language and foundation courses. The course portfolio spans a broad spectrum, encompassing disciplines such as Accounting and Finance, Biochemistry, Computing, Politics and International Relations, Zoology, Data Science, Drama, Theatre and Performance, Film Studies, Sports and Exercise Sciences, and many more.

Course / DurationTuition fees per year
B.E / B.Tech / 3 year18 lakh
B.Sc / 3 year18 lakh
BBA / 3 year18 lakh
M.A / 2 year18 lakh
M.S / 2 year18 lakh
B.A / 3 year18 lakh
MIM / 2 year18 lakh

University Eligibility

Undergraduate Programs:

  • Prospective students must have completed their secondary education or its equivalent, earning a high school diploma or an internationally recognized qualification, to be eligible to apply to Constructor University’s undergraduate programs.
  • English language proficiency is an essential requirement. Candidates who have completed their previous English-language education may be required to submit their TOEFL or IELTS test results.
  • It is required that official transcripts detailing high school or other relevant educational accomplishments be submitted.
  • Letters of recommendation from instructors or other educators who can vouch for the student’s academic qualifications may be required for some undergraduate programs.
  • Under certain circumstances, the application process may require an admissions interview.
  • Depending on the chosen program, additional requirements may include a portfolio for specific creative disciplines, information about extracurricular activities, or a resume.

Postgraduate Program:

  • A relevant bachelor’s degree from an accredited university is typically required for admission to Constructor University’s postgraduate programs; the particular field of study is dependent on the postgraduate program of choice.
  • English language proficiency is a requirement, and applicants whose previous coursework was not in the language may need to provide results from standardized English language tests such as the TOEFL or IELTS.
  • Relevant work experience may be preferred for some postgraduate business and management programs, though it’s not always required.
  • A standard requirement is the submission of official undergraduate transcripts from the relevant university.
  • Recommendation letters, typically from professors or employers advocating for the applicant’s academic or professional qualifications, may also be a requirement.
  • Applicants are often expected to furnish a purpose statement elucidating their interest in the specific postgraduate program and outlining their educational and career aspirations.
  • An admissions interview may be incorporated into the application process for specific postgraduate programs.
  • Depending on the Constructor University program, additional requirements such as GMAT/GRE scores or a portfolio or resume (for creative disciplines) may be applicable.

Required Documents

These are the required documents, which are given below:

  1. Application form
  2. Competitive Exam Score (SAT, GMAT, GRE, TOEFL, and IELTS)
  3. The academic certificate (10th or 12th certificate )
  4. Bank Statement
  5. Affidavit of support
  6. Statement of purpose
  7. Recommendation letter
  8. Experience certificate 
  9. Resume 
  10. passport-size picture
  11. Entrance Exam

Scholarships Availability

There are scholarship details given below:

  • Constructor University offers a variety of financial aid options, including scholarships, grants, and tuition deferrals.
  • The university is deeply committed to fostering inclusivity by providing exceptional opportunities for students from diverse backgrounds.
  •  Jacobs University, under Constructor University, guarantees eligible students a minimum scholarship of €4,000, with some recipients qualifying for scholarships covering up to 100% of their tuition fees.
  •  The scholarships are designed to recognize and reward academic excellence, making higher education more accessible to a broader range of students.
  •  By offering financial aid, Constructor University aims to empower students to fully engage in their academic pursuits and contribute meaningfully to their chosen fields.
  • Recognizing varying financial circumstances, the university also provides grants as additional support, covering expenses beyond tuition, such as textbooks and research materials.
  • Tuition deferrals offer flexibility to students who may need more time to manage their tuition payments.
  • The holistic approach to financial aid reflects Constructor University’s commitment to nurturing a diverse and talented student body.
  •  The university’s financial aid program promotes equal access to education, creating an environment where students can focus on academic and personal growth without financial constraints.
  •  Constructor University’s robust financial aid program empowers students to pursue their academic aspirations, contributing to a vibrant and inclusive learning community.

Constructor University Placements

Graduates of Constructor University have achieved success in a wide range of academic and professional fields around the world. Alumni from the university have made names for themselves in a variety of industries, bringing their expertise to bear in areas like IT and telecommunications, higher education, research, finance, engineering, logistics, and health. Constructor University’s alumni network is spread throughout a variety of industries, which reflects the adaptability of the program offered. Numerous former students have found success in the fast-paced fields of IT and telecommunications, making significant contributions to breakthroughs in technology. Others have opted for the consulting route, contributing their knowledge to a range of initiatives and establishments. 

Alumni from Constructor University are now regarded as academics who make significant contributions to advances in higher education and research. Constructor University grads have also achieved great success in the finance industry, using their financial knowledge to improve the state of the economy. The international mobility of Constructor University alumni is a noteworthy feature of their success. It is noteworthy that ninety percent of graduates were able to land their first job within a year of graduation, demonstrating the value of the skills they learned while attending university. 71% of graduates got their first job offers in Europe, with 44% of those offers coming from Germany. 

 Alumni of Constructor University have achieved success in areas other than employment. Notably, 95% of graduates are actively pursuing graduate studies or are gainfully employed, demonstrating the long-lasting influence of their education on their academic and professional endeavors. The varied and significant careers of Constructor University’s alumni attest to the institution’s dedication to offering a comprehensive education that is relevant to the world at large. These graduates add to the university’s legacy and serve as motivating examples of its commitment to developing professionals and scholars who can succeed in the global environment as they continue to make progress in a variety of fields across the globe

Constructor University Ranking

Ranking details are given below:

  •  Constructor University holds a position in the esteemed Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2023, securing a spot in the range of #501–600 globally.
  • Notably, the university excels in the Young University Rankings 2023, attaining a significant standing within the range of #101–150.
  •  Constructor University is recognized as one of the premier English-speaking institutions contributing to Germany’s academic landscape.
  •  The university’s placement in the World University Rankings underscores its global competitiveness and commitment to academic excellence.
  •  Constructor University’s strong showing in the Young University Rankings emphasizes its vibrancy and relevance in the contemporary academic landscape.
  •  As one of the top English-speaking universities in Germany, Constructor University offers a diverse and high-quality English-language education.
  • The placement in the rankings is a testament to the university’s commitment to benchmarking itself against global standards of academic achievement.
  • Constructor University’s position in these rankings highlights its competitive edge and contribution to shaping the future of higher education in Germany.
  • The recognition in both global and young university categories signifies Constructor University’s continuous growth and prominence on the international academic stage.

Work permit

Part-time Work Opportunities:

  • Students have the chance to engage in part-time work.
  • Allocation: 120 full or 240 half days per year.
  • Variations are based on regional employment landscapes.
  • No self-employment or freelancing allowed.

Work Hour Restrictions:

  • University regulations limit students to 20 hours per week during term time.
  • Full-time employment permitted during vacation periods.
  • Work permit approval required from the Federal Employment Agency and foreigners’ authority.

Preparatory or Language Courses:

  • Stricter regulations apply.
  • Work is allowed only during lecture-free periods.
  • Requires explicit permission from the foreign authority.

Tax Considerations:

  • Students earning less than 450 euros monthly are tax and social security-exempt.
  • Exemption for those working fewer than 50 continuous days within a year.

Cautionary Limits:

  • Advised against working over 20 hours per week.
  • Exceeding limits triggers obligations for health insurance, unemployment benefits, and nursing care insurance.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

  • Non-compliance may lead to expulsion from the country.
  • Emphasizes the importance of adhering to regulations and securing necessary permits.

University Employment:

  • Offers distinct conditions with differing working hours and wages.
  • Competitive nature of university positions may pose challenges in securing employment.

Accommodation and Meals

There are accommodations & meal details which are given below:

  • Constructor University offers options for on-campus housing designed especially for undergraduate students.
  • The university boasts four distinct residential colleges, each offering a unique living experience.
  • Within each residential college, students have access to dedicated amenities, including dining rooms, recreation areas, and study spaces, as well as common and group meeting rooms.
  • The presence of individual dining rooms ensures convenient access to on-campus meals, fostering a sense of community among residents.
  • Recreation rooms within each residential college offer spaces for relaxation and socializing, enhancing the overall student experience.
  • Dedicated study areas within the residential colleges provide conducive environments for academic pursuits and collaboration.
  • Common spaces are designed to encourage interaction among residents, fostering a sense of belonging and community spirit.
  • Prospective students can request room and board options during the application process, streamlining the accommodation arrangement.
  • Constructor University’s commitment to on-campus housing reflects its dedication to providing a holistic and tailored living experience for undergraduate students.
  • At Constructor University, the average monthly rent for housing is between 400 and 500 euros.
  • To accommodate individual preferences, students can select from a variety of residence types, such as shared apartments, studio apartments, 3-bedroom apartments, and 4-bedroom apartments.
  • The university provides fully furnished student residences, guaranteeing residents a convenient and comfortable living environment.
  • All utilities are included in the rent; this includes Wi-Fi, central heating, water, electricity, and other utilities.
  • Constructor University prioritizes open pricing by including essential utilities in the rent, enabling students to manage their budgets wisely without incurring extra fees.


There are campus facilities, which are listed below:

  • Modern and well-equipped academic buildings housing classrooms, lecture halls, and specialized laboratories for various disciplines.
  • Extensive library facilities with a diverse collection of books, journals, and digital resources to support research and coursework.
  • Recreational spaces for students to unwind, including green spaces, outdoor seating, and recreational facilities.
  • A central hub for student services, information, and support, fostering a sense of community among students.
  • Dining facilities offer a variety of culinary options, catering to different dietary preferences and needs.
  • On-campus residential colleges with diverse housing options create a vibrant and inclusive living community.
  • Convenient transportation services within the campus, ensuring easy accessibility for students and faculty.
  • Sustainable practices and initiatives promoting environmental consciousness contribute to a green and eco-friendly campus.
  • Comprehensive security measures and safety protocols to create a secure and protected campus environment.
  • Career guidance and counseling services to support students in their academic and professional endeavors.
  • Diverse student clubs and organizations offer opportunities for social engagement, leadership, and personal development.
  • Facilities to support student-parents, including childcare services, ensure a family-friendly campus environment.
  • Spaces and resources to foster innovation, entrepreneurship, and collaborative projects among students and faculty.
  • Dedicated support services for international students include orientation programs and assistance with cultural adaptation.

Living Cost.

The living costs for students at Constructor University encompass various components. Monthly accommodation expenses typically fall within the range of 400 to 500 Euros, depending on the type and size of the residence. Basic amenities such as electricity, water, central heating, and Wi-Fi are often included in the rent, mitigating additional utility expenses. Grocery expenditures are estimated to be around 150 to 200 Euros per month, depending on individual dietary choices. Transportation costs, including public transportation or occasional tickets, may range from 30 to 50 Euros. 

Health insurance is a mandatory expense, with costs averaging between 80 to 100 Euros monthly. Academic materials, including books and supplies, may require an additional budget of approximately 30 to 50 Euros per month. Personal expenses, covering items like clothing, toiletries, and leisure activities, could average around 50 to 100 Euros monthly. Budgeting for mobile plans and internet services may amount to 20 to 30 Euros per month. 

Allocating funds for entertainment, dining out, and social activities may necessitate an additional budget of 50 to 100 Euros per month. Taking these factors into account, the total estimated monthly living cost for students at Constructor University ranges approximately from 810 to 1,130 Euros. It’s essential to recognize that individual preferences, lifestyle choices, and the specific cost of living in the city can influence living expenses. These estimates serve as a general guide, and students should consider their unique spending habits and circumstances when planning their budget.